Monday, December 29, 2008

Turtle Shells, Twigs, and an Amazing Brother!!!

These are pictures of a tea my brother is drinking to help with his healing! Would you drink this? At first I said, " ARE YOU KIDDING? NO WAY!!!" But then, life is so precious and it really does help him so he can eat and digest food. He is fighting like a true soldier at battle and doing it with such dignity. He left today to head back to Tulsa ( goes every two weeks) for another round of Chemo. He is so positive and looks amazing that honestly I forget he is fighting this monster. He is now weighing 167 and was down to near 130-- AMAZING!!! Not only he is doing his traditional treatments, but is seeking wise advice and help from natural methods too. He heard about this herbalist from China that is well known from one his his doctors and he made a special prescription for Kary and it does actually include the shell of a turtle!!!! I guess the tea smells HORRIBLE, but he drinks it with full force to get better. He knows God is healing him and has led his to some amazing help both at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, but also through alternative medicine. They (Kary and Regina) have cut out deodorants that are not natural, microwaves, plastics, drink gallons of green tea, eat organic and have amazing attitudes!!!! They are following the book called The Anti-Cancer Diet-- they think everyone should follow this even if you are healthy. I am praising God for my brother and that we were able to celebrate Christmas together. His wife is doing a terrific job of taking care of him and helping with his diet. We are thankful to her too. "Here's to Health!"

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