Sunday, August 16, 2009

15 Years Ago --

Thinking back to 15 years ago I don't think I realized the enormous decision I was making. I think I thought I knew it all, but in reality marriage is so much more than I thought. It has to be the deepest, most meaningful relationship I have ever been in. It is not that things are always bliss and roses, but the determination to make it better and to be there for our kids have kept us focused on each other and God. I can't believe how much grace Aser has in his life for me. I can be a handful:) , but he is ALWAYS loving and kind. Even when I don't deserve his sweetness he is there. I would marry him all over again. I hope I can even begin to thank him for just how wonderful he has been to me and our babes. I am grateful to God for allowing me to marry Aser. There were voices that would say we would never make it. THere were people who wanted to tell me stats on biracial marriages, but for some reason I knew we could be different. I am amazed at how quickly these years have gone and wish I could slow down time. My heart beats for this man. I hope we can both still be alive to celebrate 50. My mom watched the kids so we could head to the coast for a night... fantastic!!! We saw about 100 pirates in Depoe Bay (it was a special game the town puts on) and even saw a whale. The walks and talks on the beach are the true treasures I hope I never forget.