Sunday, December 14, 2008

Series of FORTUNATE Events

Aser had to be on a plane back to Louisiana this morning by 6:00 and the airport is about 45 minutes away. We were under a winter snow warning and knew lots of snow and ice were coming so did not want to take a chance with me being stuck at airport while kids were sleeping. Aser was going to drive his truck to the airport and I would pick up when weather allowed... BUT I was supposed to feed a neighbor's cat for this week and she called last night to make sure I was still able to do and mentioned she was leaving for the airport at 4:15-- BINGO! She had hired a shuttle and so Aser was able to catch it as well and made it in plenty of time to the airport. However, he first had to fly to MN and got VERY delayed leaving and so arrived in Dallas at 9:00 this evening ( Texas time) with another 3:1/2 hour drive back to LA. It will have taken him over 18 hours to get back for a 36 hour visit. I don't think I will be asking him if it was worth it or not--

Then my brother had to take his wife to work so they stopped by here and left Brittany for awhile to play with kids in the snow. They had a blast EVEN as the snow was blowing sideways and almost seemed blizzard -like. I wish I still had the desire to play that hard even if I can't feel my hands and feet. Hot Chocolate was more like cold chocolate milk in a matter of minutes. We are not used to this is the Pacific NW!

I did go out driving for dishwasher soap as I have a real problem with hand washing dishes:) Oh THE THOUGHT!!!! ( I am not really that bad--just close)

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