Monday, December 22, 2008

I'll Be Home For Christmas.... Hopefully not only in my dreams

What a day to try to fly to Portland! My man flew from Dallas to Los Angeles on Friday to see family and friends before planning to come home on Sunday. This morning as I was hearing the weather news I was sure his flight would be cancelled. YEP- First flight with Alaska Air was.. they did not want to fly anymore planes into Portland. So I quickly got him a ticket on Southwest leaving close to the same time... Yep, that was also aborted. ( Yes-- with built up cabin fever I will say a few tears did happen). Then the airport service told him he could fly out Christmas morning--WHAT???? This is crazy... Well, my resourceful hubby rented a SUV to make it through the snow to come home. He just called me at midnight and was in Sacramento. Half-way home! He stopped to see if there were any flights leaving in the morning as he has the most dangerous part of the trip left. At first my searches said no flights available. I tried SW three times despite saying they were full and BEHOLD-- I was able to purchase a ticket for him for LESS THAN the rental for one day... YEP, a bargain right in the middle of the snow storm. Now we will see if he actually gets to the airport on four hours of sleep and hoping the plane actually braves the weather. Tonight they said it can take over a thousand gallons of de-icer to get a plane back into the sky.

As you can see in my earlier posts I love driving in the snow...but not the ice! So he will have to take a train home. Even parts of that are shut down due to ice on the lines--wow! They have a shuttle bus to get him the rest of the way though.

I think he will want to sleep when Malachi does tomorrow:) Hopefully this is the end of travel woes.

Oh no-- I thought I would have more time to clean-- I may not sleep tonight:) He will not care, but I do, so off I go!!!

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