Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Can you Say Barney and Smile???

I don't think my older kids really think they every liked Barney and believe I am just making it up. They do not smile when we say, "Barney!" They did smile when they saw Malachi dressed up though.

Here is Malachi getting ready for our harvest party at church. Nehemiah wore this outit almost 11 years ago and I think each one has been Barney at some point. Malachi loves Barney almost as much as he does Grandma! I wish I had the video camera rolling when he saw himself in the mirror... lets just say it was a happy day:) He was thrilled! Then Lydia dressed up like her American Girl doll Kaya, who is Native American, but she wore Ethiopian clothes (I think it worked??), Rebekah was a giraffe ( with cat whiskers-- hey now!), Nehemiah was living his dream as an NBA player, and Anna was a doctor (her dream too). Love the holidays I do!!!!:) I am such a sucker for tradition and LOVE this time of the year.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Just Kicking It"

This is something that just a mother probably finds cute, but I had to post. I think Malachi has already found his sport. At only 19 months we are amazed at his "kicking" skills. It is also a word he says very clearly over and over, "ball...ball..." The other picture is of Nehemiah coaching Rebekah's soccer team. After two coaches did not work out Nehemiah stepped up and led each practice and games. He really enjoyed it and expected a lot from Rebekah. She was not going to have any part of that, but loved having her brother there for this whole season. Tonight we went to a pumpkin patch with families who have adopted or will be adopting from Ethiopia, I am just amazed how large this group in the Portland area is getting. It is so warm ( I can't think of the right word) to see all of these children playing together and getting to know each other as so many families make the time to stay connected. The support and care you also receive from other families is unusual. Tonight one mom and I talked and talked and could not believe how much our boys were experiencing the same things. It makes you not feel so alone and not doubt your parenting skills so much. One of my friends, who was also adopted and now has adopted herself, came along to reassure me that I am supposed to love him and not try to make up for all of his losses. Sometimes as a parent who has adopted the guilt is HUGE and you want to give them every opportunity and chance for success and happiness. Yet, I am only one mom with five kids and can't make his world perfect. That part is for God and I will set him up for unrealistic expectations if I fill all of his needs. I just wish I could see ahead 10 or 15 years from now and know that Malachi finds peace and knows how much we love him then I could sit back and not worry so much. I think I am feeling a bit more unsure about everything since Aser is working very far from home these days and not here to lend his support as much as he would like.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

26.2 -- Portland Marathon 2008

I felt so grateful as I crossed the finish line of the marathon today. I was so sick this past spring going into summer that I wondered if I would ever be able to exercise the way I had been able to. My friend,Lori,helped me get back into shape and was patient enough as I gained strength back to be able to make it walking the marathon this year. I have decided that marathons and half- marathons are quite addictive:)

These pictures are from the starting line and then at the end. It rained for over 90% of the walk today and yet I felt great! My time is nothing to speak of, but I finished! Aser and my children have been SO patient as I have trained and then came to cheer me on. Aser is the best cheerleader I could have in my life! Yes, that would be my hubby with the larger than life American flag waiving everywhere ( he is the most patrictic person I know and he did not even grow up here). Aser made this sign for me today. Each of the kids had signs too... they are all asking when they can try their legs out on a marathon. This is about the only time in a year that I can totally enjoy a huge burger with no guilt! Today I added sweet potato fries-- oh yummy!

I walked by a man today and he said this is his 37th marathon-- impressive! I wonder how many I can get under my belt before my joints will not allow this anymore???