Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We can't begin to thank everyone for their outreach of love and prayers at this time. Thank you for the help with food and groceries. Kimberly had more blood drawn today. Her liver is swollen to the point that it makes it uncomfortable to walk and get around. She is swollen as well from the liquids pooling in her legs and abdomen with an almost constant fever. The next appointment is on Thursday morning with one of the doctors who was on her team at the hospital. We are praying for another miracle and that this will leave as quickly as it came.Also, please pray that the spot on her liver disappears. The best case scenario the doctor said it could be several weeks until her energy starts to return. THANK YOU and we wish we could thank each one of you in person for your prayers and help.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

" I just have to live in Ethiopia"

Anna never ceases to amaze me. Today she was talking about a paper she had to write about the best country to live in. The teacher had them write about America and there were some wonderful things written about our freedoms here. Then I was telling Anna how blessed we are and she said, " Well, when I grow -up I just have to live in Ethiopia!" In a more determined voice, " I NEED to live in Addis when I am big!" I asked her why and she so surprised me on this one..."The donkeys of course!" Then she said she will adopt 10 children who are 14 who will not be adoptable due to their age when she is there too.

The mind of a child. She does remind me she wants to be a nurse or doctor to help the people in Ethiopia. She has also added that she will be a writer so she can share what she sees. This is what I am used to hearing from her so I so enjoyed hearing her thinking today:)