Thursday, February 28, 2008

I think we will actually be ON that plane in the Morning--WOW

I can't thank you enough for all of your prayers and thoughts for the quick recovery of our family. We were hit hard, but have recovered quickly too. Anna is coming down with it a bit, but I am optimistic that she will pull through as well.

Tonight it started to feel a bit more real as a friend came and dropped off a necklace with Malachi's picture and said I am to wear it until I am with him--I was in tears and very moved by her kindness, but also of the reality that there is a baby boy waiting for us ( he doesn't know that yet though:) ) This has been a long road and one I am so ready to see the end of and be a family together.

Our plane arrives back into Portland on 3/14 at 9:22 on flight 251... we will be a bit raggedy, but happy I am sure:)

I wish I could hug and thank each of the people who have been there, cared, prayed for and loved on us through all of these months. HUGS TO YOU!
I am going to attempt to update as I can from Ethiopia...this is tbe best place to see if we made it:)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Will we make the plane?

We could sure use your prayers right now. We need to be on a plane in about 72 hours and Aser and Nehemiah are VERY sick. We took Aser to urgent care today and they started strong meds and I am hoping they will kick in tomorrow. Nehemiah will be on this way to see his ped. too now that his fever is over 102 and we have an impending trip. My poor guys!!!

I need to get packing though-- so much to do! I keep getting this feeling of disbelief that I will actually be holding our Malachi so soon. I have never felt such connection to someone so far away. My heart can almost feel him next to me. I know he will have so much to adjust to and I ache for that for him. I hope we can help him feel at rest and peace very quickly. It will be so fun to see how many teeth he has now and if he is almost walking? I wonder what his little toes do when they are tickled? Does he like the sun on his face? What does he like to hold? Balls? Cars?? Will he let me cuddle him? I hope he does not mind my singing voice and can pretend that it is like the angels:) ( that may be too much to expect:) ) Does he sleep quietly or make squeaks and grunts? I will find out soon and be one happy momma. However, everytime I think of his mother and the pain she must have been in I am humbled and torn apart. I only hope I can be the mother he deserves. I hope I can do his mother from Ethiopia honor enough. We don't believe she is still living, but her memory will not be forgotten with this gift of her son.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Ruby Suitcase

The picture on my cell phone was of two suitcases and followed by a call from my guy stating he had found some suitcases that would work. We have to take 12 suitcases for our family alone and we don't have that many sitting around here so we have been looking for cheap large cases. I love the big ruby -colored one and actually began to fill it tonight. I don't know why this was so hard for me. I am so scared that something is not going to work or that this is not real. However, I have it 3/4 filled now! The kids and I went to the Dollar Tree today to find school items for my mother in-law's school. We picked up scissors, tape, markers, and some teaching items so those were the first things that I packed. We also found some fun items to take for the workers and nannies at the orphanage. My kids were so cute and would have purchased the whole store if we could to take to Addis.

I have four more days to pack us all up and get my work all shored-up. Thankfully another agent in our brokerage is taking over my clients and my mom's so that will make us rest easy. There is never a good time to take two weeks off of work.

YEAH-- At this time in one week I may be gazing at Malachi.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Had no Idea

Just found out that we have more paperwork to do! I am trying to keep calm, but this is major since they want updates on our jobs with pay stubs and my guy has been self-employed since December when his company laid-off most of the company. He is starting a new job when we return, but now we are trying to show profit and losses. In construction it is hard to keep pristine records and still have time to work in the field. He works about 12-15 hours a day right now and comes home so tired. I am not a natural with this kind of thing so tomorrow we meet with our CPA. Also, the immigration paperwork is daunting. One form we have to print off is 19 pages--wow!

We did get away on Thursday night at the coast( thank you to my mom--she is wonderful) for time to talk, relax and pray before we leave on our new journey. We are so excited, but it was wonderful to have the time together. It is awesome being with the guy you are crazy about for 36 hours straight! We were able to squeeze in 2 1/2 walks--that is one of my most favorite things to do at the beach is walk and walk some more. ( well--then we ate and ate too)

It is so surreal to think we will be on our way in less than a week now! Here we come Malachi--Hold on tight precious one--

Monday, February 18, 2008

My Birthday Boy

This was several years ago at the beach. I thought he was SO big then and he has just kept right on growing. It is hard for me to accept he is turning 12 tomorrow. The stages of his life often flood me and I can almost kiss those little hands carrying Little People with him EVERYWHERE he went. The love from this precious son I don't deserve. He is tender and caring in ways that continue to amaze me. Those sisters of his really have him wrapped around their fingers. Far above all he lives up to his name--NEHEMIAH! He is of strong character and truly loves God. His faith and courage to take a stand even when he is alone are a witness to me. We can't take credit for what a special boy he is, but know God is working in him and has such great plans for him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BABY!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Scared with Excitement1

" We leave in exactly 17 days!" Lydia announced this morning. I felt myself almost choke on my toast. I thought it can't be as I still have so much to do. I have been pretty sick this week and have only been getting through the days and not doing much towards getting ready. It is so wonderful thinking of how soon we will lay eyes on our Malachi. Better yet how soon we can kiss his cheeks and hug that little one.

Nehemiah turns 12 on Tuesday and he is so happy that it always falls around Presidents Day. It extends his celebration. Also , Rebekah will turn 7 while we are gone and she wants to stay one night in the Hilton Hotel in Addis for her day-- we will see??? They have a pool there and it is a pretty fancy hotel.

I have been printing off packing lists and picking up prescriptions for the kids. Our doctor has been wonderful supplying us with meds for the "just in case" scenarios.

In so many ways it is hard to believe we are actually here now:) God is so good!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Malachi is ours now--

What a rush of emotion seeing the words, " the case was approved" , from our agency director. He is officially our son. Last night I woke up in a startle around 4:00 am and then could almost hear someone saying he is in your family now and as I drifted back off to sleep hearing a small chime -bell noise. I had so much peace! It would be interesting to know what time this was approved as that was 3:00 pm in the Ethiopian courts.

Now I can post his picture to my heart's content--Thank you once again for your support and patience with this whole process.

We will be flying out in 3 weeks!!! That is not very long--Now I must get my shots very soon:) It will be with joy though as it is one step closer to hugging our son.