Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dangerous Surrender--Kay Warren

Clicking on chapter samples will get you a read you won't soon forget! May God use us in the way He wants...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Off He Walked...

Today as my son walked down the path to his cabin at Outdoor School I could not help but to feel so proud of the young man he is becoming. Just a few months ago he did not think he could do this. He has never been gone this long from home or had to be so self-sufficient. However, with a brave face and a smile he walked with his gear in hand. I so much wanted to run and carry his things for him and set up his bed...However, I knew I must let go and that it is a series of these painful and yet wonderful moments that will make him a man. I have had to wipe a few tears this evening, but I am staying busy praying for him to have a great time and to come home safe. I once again realize how much I enjoy his company as I see his things throughout the house.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Make sure the bubble is completely filled-in

My children are taking SAT's this week at school. Tonight at dinner we had a great conversation that quite frankly I felt a knot in my stomach as my son started to talk about it...but the knot was not needed and at this moment in time I found them to feel very secure in who they are.
My son asked what he should have filled-in for race on the test at school. I did not answer, but asked what he filled -in. With a smile he said African American and paused, then added, " You know I am half-African and half-American, so it fits..." Then my girls started to share their take on all of this. My 4th grader said she left it blank as it does not really matter.( just very matter of fact) Then my 3rd grader said in her class they told her to fill on one bubble for black and one for white. She thought the whole things was amusing. My 1st grader said her teacher would fill it in for her. She seemed uninterested in this whole topic. We had some good laughs and my 3rd grader decided next time she will mark "other".
I think what grabbed me is how they do not feel defined by any one of the bubbles and yet are so comfortable with who they are. I am sure it helps to have each other to bounce all of this off of. I know they will go through different times in their lives when it will matter more than now. I often think of dating and wondering what it will be like when my baby is the one someone does not want their son or daughter to date... it may matter more then. Hoping that through these conversations as we go that we can lessen any major self-esteem problems later in life. We do talk VERY openly about race in our home and since Aser grew up around the world his perspective is priceless. So for today I can sleep in peace on this one topic and am thankful that this is not a bubble I have to worry about. Character will be what defines them I hope and not what shade of brown they are.

Monday, April 14, 2008

More than I could have asked for

I just can't believe how well my older children have adapted to having a little brother around. They are always wanting to help and play with him. They understand this transition better than I do--truly! They are so loving to Malachi and he adores them right back. They have not complained one time about the changes, even when they have had reason to. I cherish each one of these little hearts-- They are such a blessing to me and I learn so much from them. I am amazed by their unselfishness... something I still am working on. I feel truly blessed--

Friday, April 11, 2008

Me and My Guy-- Loving Life with Him

This is us in DC on our way to Ethiopia-- This is actually taken by one of our kids:) I am thankful for the constant love of Aser to our family. We are truly blessed to call him husband and daddy--

The Joy Of Malachi

Saturday, April 5, 2008


The kids LOVED and LOVED again all of the animals on the roads everywhere we went. There were lots of donkeys, goats, and some cows. The dogs are mostly wild dogs that roam the streets. Luckily we never did encounter an unhappy one. It is amazing how the markets continue due to the donkeys bringing in the goods, yet a Mercedes will be stopping to let them cross the road. It was a clash of two worlds. Anna said it best when trying to describe Ethiopia she explained how the old never leaves, but they keep bringing in more modern... then in America we forget the old and only let in the new. She liked having both times represented. I can still hear the sounds of this picture.... very loud, yet somehow peaceful.