Friday, August 29, 2008

A Girl and Her Horse

This is Smore and Lydia. Lydia's heart is fed by being with horses. When she was little she always dreamed of horses, not about being a princess, but about being on a horse and riding into the sunset. A family at the school our kids go to have an amazing horse farm appropriately names, "Heavenly Ranch" and they were kind enough to let her start riding before the age they usually accept riders. While we were in Ethiopia the first love of her life, Razen, died suddenly. The owner of the farm knew Lydia needed to get on a horse soon and fall in love again. We are not able to afford lessons right now, but she was able to go to two lessons before school. All I can say is that Lydia is smitten again. My girl is so content when it comes to being with horses-- she is in her element and her soul is being fed. I am thankful that she has found a passion in her life already and knows she needs to do something with horses when she grows up. She is even talking about helping orphans and foster children this way. It will be so fun to see how God uses this in her. Today her trainer said she really does have a natural ability. The horse almost threw her off today as he was spooked pretty seriously. She held on and directed the horse back around. The momma in me wanted to take her off the horse and never put her back on:) But she did GREAT and even the other riders around were amazed that such a young girl could handle such a situation. I guess it is called, " She has a good seat" when something like that happens. I admired her courage and desire to continue on with her lesson. I am so thankful for this family and the way the trainer has helped me understand this is a love in Lydia that will not go away and we need to continue to feed her:) It is so strange to see your child growing into this person with her own character that you know is from God. I sit in amazement as I am such a broken mom and yet God is still pouring out His love on my children despite my shortcomings. GO LYDIA!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Brothers For Life

Fourteen Years of Fireworks and Anniversaries:)

This past weekend Aser and I got away, just the two of us, for three nights! Yep-- that is one of our longest times away ever. So much has happened this year that it was great to have time to talk and eat and just hang out with no worries about time. We also walked and walked sometimes up until midnight just soaking in the time. I just love my time with us and remembering, living and dreaming about the future... the time flew,and had the most wonderful fireworks display I have ever seen following this picnic on the grass. All of the kids did great and LOVED being with grandma for that long. She is amazing and had special things planned each day. However, it has been hard on Malachi having us back as he is very attached to my mom after being with her for a whole month. He says "mamama" for grandma and will call her and look for her throughout the day. It does break my heart, but at the same time in is wonderful he is so loved by her and so attached and I know it time he will fall into the comfort of this whole family.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Uplifting News!

Good news finally! Kary,my baby brother by 13 months, had surgery this morning to let him use his stomach again. His tumor is twice the size of normal pancrease tumors and had closed up his stomach and he has been unable to eat or drink for almost three weeks now. He has had a patch of nutrients being fed to him, but he weighs less than I do now and is 6'3--ouch!!! Today the doctor said he saw no signs of cancer in any other organs and this tumor is shrinking. When he flies back to Tulsa after coming home later this week, they may be able to remove the tumor completely, Of course this is what we want so badly for him because then there is the chance of beating this horrid cancer. My brother is so strong and God is with him in ways that are so clear. Being in the Bible Belt of America right now people will come out of the woodwork and approach him to pray over him. They don't even ask what is wrong, but want to pray. This has been very powerful for my brother and his wife. There have been many answers to prayer along the way, but it is such a hard road with Kary being sick most days. This weekend there was fear that they would have to postpone the surgery as he was fighting infections and low blood counts, but they came back up and so things like this remind us that God is in control.

Can I just say that I HATE cancer?.... After losing my dad cancer became such a reality. Then in the past three weeks I have had two more friend's husbands diagnosed with cancer as well. It seems so much of my prayers are about cancer healing these days.

I have so much to post later about the kids with pictures-- will do it soon I promise!

Monday, August 4, 2008

My Anna--Wonderful, Funny, Smart, and so so Loving and Caring

Anna turned 9 on Friday! I just can't believe how big she is getting. She brings so much fun and laughter to our family. She has such a solid sense of wisdom and discretion. She was baptized this year at her request... She loves God with her Full Being. She truly challenges me with her questions and faith. I am still amazed that God has let me be her mom. Here is a song she made a dance to celebrate her day:)