Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Am A Happy Woman Now!!!

I just picked up my favorite tired man at the train station. Thank goodness for the MAX!!! He arrived in at 11:30 pm.

I am so happy to have him home. He had an interesting time riding home with two strangers ( I thought it was 3, but only 2). It actually could not have been better. One man was an ex-Crip and now sings amazing gospel music. In fact I am listening to his CD now as I write. Then the other man lives outside of Portland and runs a construction company so he had a great time talking shop with him. They all exchanged numbers and plan to stay in touch. Not all bad in a tough situation:)This is right up Aser's alley as he lived in so many places growing up around the world that he can get along with anyone. I will sleep peacefully tonight!!!


KE said...

Hooray! I've been reading your blog with bated breath!! :) So glad you're all together now.


paige said...

Huzzah! Glad he's home. Merry Christmas!