Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mappin' It

It has been almost a week now with snow. Tonight it is freezing rain! Aser is supposed to fly in tomorrow night, but this evening most flights were being cancelled. I have been really feeling his absence this week and having to wait seems very hard. I really hope he makes it. I have to keep the big picture in mind. If we find out that his plane is coming in the kids and I may brave the MAX ( Train Systen in Portland) to meet him at the airport. It will depend on how stir crazy I am at that point and brave ( maybe stupid too) .... It will be GREAT to have him home for two weeks. I think the kids have missed him more than I know. Today my Rebekah mentioned how in the mornings she wakes up and it is hard thinking she will not see daddy all day long. My son has also said little things about how much he misses his dad and then much silence. Anna prays for him like there is no tomorrow and that is how her heart processes it all. Lydia misses having a fluffed pillow each night. I don't do it the special way daddy does:) I think I am just less patient than I want to be and stay up WAY too late for quiet time. Malachi is just not sure what is up with this family...

The map on the side of my blog is new. I am amazed how you can track such things from all around the world. Very cool... I do know they can not read blogs in Ethiopia so I will not have dots from eastern Africa. That is when I realize what freedoms we do have here and take for granted.

This is Lydia's snowman. Anna made one too with a skirt and shoes -- very cool!

I had fun driving in the snow today. Yes, they were asking people to stay off of roads, but Rebekah had a birthday party to go and that seemed very important when you have been couped up like a chicken. Then tonight I took the kids for a little spin around the neighborhood. Again, I am sure Malachi is wondering what is up with his family:)

We did do some more Christmas cookies and I even made a pumpkin bread. I have been trying to have normal dinners for the kids too and so we ate until our tummies were full tonight. It has been tempting to do just kid-type quick dinners, but I have wanted life to seem somewhat the same for them.

Hoping to see my guy tomorrow:)

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Anonymous said...

sending up prayers that Aser makes it home on time. what a relief it will be to have him home.

also, just FYI - Ethiopia blocks Blogger but not some other blog services. so, you can read blogs on Wordpress, TypePad, or other services there... just not on Blogger (which of course has most of the blogs on it!)

That's one of the main reasons I switched - i couldn't imagine being kept away from my blog for 3 weeks!