Sunday, November 30, 2008

Feeling the Wind and Loving It

Malachi is now 20 months and one of his sisters thought he would look so cute in her scarf. He wore it ALL night and rode this bike dreaming of the journeys ahead... Sweet Boy!!!!

Root Canal or Trip to Build A Bear?? Decisions...Decisions...

No, I am not doing anything fun like Zoom Whitening or Plastic Surgery... just a root canal and the dental assistant thought it was funny that I was taking pictures and sending them to Aser to update him on my lovely progress. Hey, if I am paying $2500 for this thing I ought to enjoy it right:) ? I must say that really there was no pain before, during or after ( well, there was after and it is called "Payment Plan").

Then on a much happier note Lydia surprised us at the mall yesterday. She was asking us over and over to go to the Build A Bear store and once we were inside (The Big Boys were at the Blazers Game-- free tickets!!!!) she said she wanted her sisters to choose bears of their choice. I don't think I knew what to say and I did not realize she had been carrying around this wad of moolah at the mall either, but then when I saw how intent and eager she was to do this for them my heart was warmed in a very big way. Lydia works hard to save her money and I think that is why I was so surprised at her loving gesture. It truly is better to give than to receive and her face glowed that ALL night and even today. So we have added Carmel, Butterscotch and Kendra to our home. This was such a tender moment for me as a momma watching my girls bond with each other and seeing that they love each other. My heart's desire has always been for my children to grow-up and be close and good friends. Last night I think I saw a glimpse of Lydia's love towards her little sisters. Just look at her beaming!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Where my heart is so often...

You know that ache that is inside and wish it would go away because there is enough to worry about here in your little household right now??? But it won't go away. This is from the Hope Chest and Red Letter Campaign. They are now including Ethiopia and trying to help the 4.8 million orphans there. They are trying to get churches or groups to sponsor orphanages so they can have decent living conditions. The one orphanage for boys really makes me shudder.. and they have already had it so rough and then to have to live like that. Tough! This is when I wished I played the lotto:) I know God does not need to lotto, but I wish I had the means to really make a difference. Thank you for watching this!

Friday, November 14, 2008

My Alma Mater is on Fire

Santa Barbara is on fire right now and I will be praying big time for the winds to stop. Westmont is very close to where the fire started and so all of the students are in the gym, which is fire safe and they have food there too. Westmont has to be one of the most beautiful colleges and it is truly heartbreaking to think of this loss and I am hoping it is not as bad as the reports are sounding and that there are no injuries. All of those poor families losing their homes too... I hope this fire stops soon. This is unreal.

UPDATE: Westmont did pretty well overall and the gym and library and Kerr Hall are all intact. The gardens ( which are amazing) as well as the chapel are all in pretty good shape too. Part of my freshman dorm was destroyed and a total of 7 other buildings. Three of those were set to be demolished in the coming weeks for new contruction anyway. However, 14 staff members lost their campus homes. These were build after I left but are on campus. I think it is pretty clear they were protected when you see the pictures of the flames and all. It is strange how after something like this you realize how important something can be to you even after many years. I have been walking the campus all night rehearsing many wonderful times in Santa Barbara.I did not realize while I was there what a special place it is and often took it for granted and wished my time away. Praying for you Westmont!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Eleven Green Things

I just have to tell about my coupon deal this weekend. One of my children REALLY needed a new jacket. I had priced them out and found one she loved, but it was $79.00 and there just was no way I could swing that right now, especially with how fast she is growing. This weekend at Fred Meyer their coats were 50% off and then there was a coupon for another 15% off and then I received my bonus coupons( because I shop there way too much) and had another 40% off and almost $30.00 in bonus money in checks they sent me. Not only did I buy her a jacket, I was able to get a Christmas present for another child ( it is great they love getting clothes once they are older as presents:) ) for only $11.00!!! I skipped all the way to the car with a happy child beside me who LOVES her new coat. Funny how something small can bring such smiles!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I spell MIRACLE in caps today!!!!

My younger brother Kary found out he had pancreatic cancer just two weeks after I got out of the hospital in early June. His tumor was TWICE the size of normal tumors and when they found it he weighed as much as me. He is 6'3 and was VERY skinny and weak. ( I am not 6'3 so am not saying I am skinny:) ) When he went to the doctors here in Oregon/ Washington they wanted to open him up and take some pictures and observe his tumor that had wrapped itself around his main artery and was basically not operable. They pretty much told him to get his affairs in order. He would not let anyone who did not believe in hope and wanting to try anything and everything work on him so he took off for Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa, OK. They have been amazing and he has been on three chemos that are all different, radiation, accupuncture, and Vitamin C Therapy and many other things and TONS OF PRAYER! He flew back two days ago for another round of treatments ( which are paid for by CTCA... they fly him there every two weeks) and when his tumor markers came back today there were so low and he has gained 30 pounds they basically said he is almost cancer free... CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE OUR JOY???? They feel the tumor has probably already died and will be absorbed into the body in a few years. If this was another kind of cancer they would stop treatmens right now, but since pancreatic cancers are SO AGGRESSIVE ( it is called the demon of cancers) they will do 12 more rounds of chemo. So now you know why I am spelling MIRACLE in caps today. Yesterday he had to go to a funeral for a man about 10 years older than him that did not make it with the same cancer. They became friends while having treatments. The family had him sit with them and then the pastor of this church had Kary come up and they all prayed for him. It was hard on my brother losing this friend though and seeing his family so so sad. We are so grateful for the news today and pray that it will never come back again. THANK YOU for all of your prayers and questions about my brother. It means so much to me. Happy Day--