Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Texas Style Cheese

This was my first visit to the south. I actually enjoyed it far more than I expected. I realized that I had my own "perceptions" about being in the south given the make-up of Aser and I. As with most perceptions I was incorrect based on my few days there. We actually had a great time and also went into Louisiana where he is working. I could not get over how clean everything was and the streets were so perfectly paved. One funny thing was we stopped for a quick taco and were served a HUGE bowl of Velveta -type cheese to dip chips in and I could only see saturated fat so we set it to the side... well, a lady sat down near us and wanted to know how we got our cheese. Well, she decided our bowl of cheese would be just fine for her and actually ate it off of our table. Her husband about died right there on the spot! ( and not from clogged arteries:) )

-- This was us at the MOST beautiful mall I have ever been in. It is in Dallas called the Galleria. The tree came up from the ice skating rink and was most amazing. We really have fun together and just love to hang out and eat, window shop, drink coffee, and walk and talk...

I am missing my man like crazy. This has been one of the hardest times for me so it was beyond wonderful being able to see spend time just the two of us. I so wish big blessings on my mom for making this possible. I came home to five happy children who were spoiled all weekend long.

Looking forward to Christmas--

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Shelley said...

I am so glad your stay in 'the South' was pleasant. One never knows... you two look beautiful! When does work bring him back closer to home? (Sorry, I have not kept up with your details.) The Galleria is in my old stompin' grounds... I grew up just outside of Plano! Welcome home -- let's talk soon.