Friday, May 29, 2009

Can't Get Enough

Malachi could not stop screaming with JOY today when he saw Barney! When he came home last year often a Barney video was the only thing that would stop his crying. I KNOW many of you are probably disgusted that we would let him find comfort from a purple dino and his yellow counter-part, but those were some tired days and he had an exhausted mama who did not know what to do to make him happy. Often those videos were the only time in a day when he seemed content or could be calm. I am not sure if it is the music or seeing talking animals, but it worked.

Today our neighborhood Pump It Up had Barney night, please don't hate me, but we took Malachi. When he saw Barney he could not believe it. I am surprised Barney did not file a restraining order against Malachi as he could not leave his hands off of him. He hugged and hugged him and then would pull his tail to get his attention again. He was so happy. Only two of my big kids would come as the others did not want anything to do with the purple guy:)

It is a strange thing how when you are in a public place with other parents there can be a weird silence. I am not sure if it people trying to decide how these kids with different shades are mine or how at my age do I have a little one??? Sometimes I can be so strong to just ignore, but then at times I can't keep my skin so thick and I wonder why??? And probably in all truth it had absolutely nothing to do with me.

Rebekah took all of these herself with her own camera. Thank you BoBo!

Monday, May 25, 2009

"Look at Malachi hanging out with me!"

Nehemiah LOVES LOVES his little brother. He has never complained about Malachi waking up so early and throwing blankets and books to wake him up. He never complains about not being able to go in his room during nap. He doesn't complain that there are toys and baby things all over their room. He is a super big bro! He was so happy that Malachi wanted to listen to music with him while we were waiting to leave today. Don't worry he had it pretty low for those baby ears:) They have a special bond that is gaining somedeep roots. Malachi knows he can trust Nehemiah all of the time and feels secure when he is with him. Nehemiah worries that when he goes to college it will be hard to stay close since Malachi is 11 years younger. I think they are building a great foundation that will be in place forever.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Go Ahead and Make My Day

I don't think our kids have any idea of the impact they can have on our hearts. The other night my 8 year old daughter was gettting in her bed and sat up and said in the sweetest voice, " I can hardly wait for Mother's day... because of you mommy!" This was followed with a big hug!

For some reason this has gotten me through much of this week. Aser is working nights right now and our schedule is off and it makes me a bit off. Whenever there is a change Malachi really struggles. I did not think this would have any impact on him but... it has. I am so anxious for him to be able to talk and share what he is thinking and feeling. He is such a fun toddler, but he LOVES a boring life where it is very predictable. I hope one day he finds the humor that he has a very spontaneous mom:) I have tried and tried to make his life predictable, but it is not my natural style.

Thank you my Rebekah-- You made my day!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009