Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

We finally bundled Malachi up and took him out in the snow last night. He has been wanting to go out, but once out, he had second thoughts and shed some tears. We had walked quite far from home so the kids could sled and finally he fell asleep on the bumpy ride home. The jogger did ok in the snow. It was too icy to put him on our backs.

The kids had fun making gingerbread houses and even more fun licking their sticky fingers. They were so cute trying to get the walls to stay on the cartons. I am not a creative-type gifted mom, but love letting my kids just go for it. I was the student who never had things posted on the bulletin board as a kid-- truly! But the teachers were actually sparing my diginity. I LOVE letting my kids just get in there and get messy and figure things out. They do a great job and love arts and crafts and anything they can create. I enjoy watching them even more than if it was me making wonderful creations.

Merry Christmas!!!!

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Philip and Barbara Wilson said...

Thanks for sharing with us! It is a wonderful way to feel a part of your lives since we don't live close by. Enjoy the rest of your Christmas vacation together! This will be the "White Christmas" you will remember.