Sunday, February 22, 2009

Savoring Each Minute

For one last time I was able to see Aser in the south this weekend. We meet in Dallas to help make this time pass. He has been such a trooper and does not complain ever. He loves his job, but it has been hard to have it sooo far away. He has only been seeing the kids once a month so we are excited to be a family again. We will see him again in 13days. I admire Aser for how well he has handled being apart and doing this even though it is hard.

Aser has gotten to know the men that work at the car rental place and they gave us a really fun car for a small car price. If you are ever looking for a travel deal try Priceline. We have gotten such amazing deals that include hotel and breakfast:)

We are able to do Dallas on a tight budget and still have a fun fun time. Saturday we walked around White Rock Lake. It is actually over 12 miles around but we made it for 9 miles. This was our longest walk/run together ever!!! We are trying to get ready for a 1/2 marathon together this spring. We stayed in Addison so Aser took this picture as the nickname for the capital of Ethiopia is Addis. We can dream! I love Dallas for the food! Wow-- can I eat while I am there... Here was a special dessert from Grand Lux. Simply delicious!

I am so thankful to my mom, once again, for making this happen for us. She so lovingly takes over with the kids so I can go. I always come home to such happy kids.

I am so excited for you to be home baby-- I am on the countdown:)


HeatherF1 said...

Kimberly- glad you were able to see Aser- it must be really hard being apart and being a "single mom"- I have a hard time when my husband is traveling, but have to keep focussed on the fact that we are thankful for the income!
And as for your mom...what would we do without them?!
Heather Fowler

Anonymous said...

I'm counting down too mommy!!!!! Love ya!