Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Oregon - You are Old Now!

Today the kids and I were able to go to the Oregon Historical Society's Museum. Since it was the birthday celebration of Oregon the admission was free! Nehemiah has created such a love of history in our home that we could not miss this.( you can tell in these pictures he wanted to take this very seriously and even had his sibs take notes while we were there-- I am sure I looked like dictator mom, but it was not me!!) It delivered! And even Malachi pretended to be interested as long as the fish crackers were being sent in his direction. We missed the cake so I decided we had to finish up Oregon's birthday in style and I found the cupcake bakery I had heard about. What a fun place!!! It is called Cupcake Jones on 10th and Marshall. The cupcakes are HUGE and so we split them up. The kids had cupcakes with cookie dough filling and it was topped with a mini cookie! This place was fun and great for a special treat. The last picture is showing how much a party can wear out a toddler.


Anonymous said...

how fun! that first photo is just priceless - your kids have such character. I am a fool for cupcakes, so I'm definitely going to have to check out Cupcake Jones next time I'm in Portland!!

Ack - reading about your day makes me wish we lived closer to each other!! I miss you.

Jen said...

You've got some crazy kids there! What a fun experience. I'd write more but I've got to get to Cupcake Jones RIGHT NOW. :)
--Jennifer Saltmarsh Manullang

Cheryl said...

Gosh your kids are beautiful! I can't believe how much they've grown! I wanted to go the Historical Society Museum myself...but I was out numbered! So glad you had a great day together, and SO thankful that Malachi is doing better as well. You have certainly been through it my dear. I'm praying for a respite for all of you!