Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Would you answer this call?

This is the strangest thing I have seen in a very long time!!! Aser received this in an email (I have left out the names of those involved) from a business program here in town for contractors. I would love to know what an Ethnic Regular Person is??? We have some training to do--oh my!!!


Ethnic ³regular² people age 5-12 also adults 28-70. We need regular looking truly ETHNIC people for a well know high tech
company photo shoot. We prefer people who are new to America so they still have the look and feel of their country of origin. The pay will be $500. For about 3 hours. Please bring lots of kids and adults new to America.

Ages 5-12 to be students
Age 28-70 to be teachers and parents

Ethnicities we need are:
African, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Indonesian, India, Malaysian, Mexican, Hispanic, Scandinavian, German, Spanish, Italian.

The CASTING CALL is this Saturday Feb 14th from 10am-2pm
Come to 431 NW Flanders #300 Portland Or. 97209


KE said...

Well... how's it working out for you, being married to a regular ethnic person? Uh, Malaysian? Hmmmmm...

Ariel said...

I love how they list continents and then switch randomly to specific countries. And Chinese is the only East Asian country listed. As if they could tell the difference between Chinese, Korean and Japanese children. Yeah, uh huh... right.

Well, at least they didn't say oriental.

Shelley said...

okay, first, may they choke on their words!

second, my friend Ariel (our worship pastor's wife) is commenting on your blog -- Ariel, did you follow me over here, or do you two know each other???

Brenda said...

I got the same email... because I work for a contractor. I kept the email.... it still makes my head shake....and I'd like to write them back..but don't quite know how to word it.