Friday, February 20, 2009

Growing Up! Happy 13th Birthday Nehemiah

I spent an amazing day with my growing son today! What a treat... I have shared how he loves history, and we got to spend the whole day involving that topic. ( this was what he wanted to do) At the Discovery Center in The Dalles they found out that he was 13 today and they called the park ranger in and took him on his own personal tour of where the BALD EAGLE lives. We were so so close to him and then there was the lively Red Tail Falcon and two owls as well. The cool part was he was just assigned a project on the eagle so we were technically doing school today. The time today went so quickly and I know the next 13 years will go even quicker. I savored the time with him and think he is one amazing young man! Happy Birthday Buddy! Today was PRICELESS!

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