Thursday, March 5, 2009

All in Stride

I am trying to pace myself this week. Aser will be coming home on Saturday-- for good!!! We made a hard decision to have him come home as he has been working out of state for 5 months now and it is getting harder and not easier. We know this may look reckless to some, but there is the faith piece that has brought me to my knees asking God for a JOB here in Oregon. We just did not think we could do this any longer and the kids need their daddy home. This momma needs her man!!!

This rainbow was just what I needed today. It has been a heavy day and I pulled into my garage and happened to see this peek out of the dark clouds and I whispered, " Thank you God!" I have had a tooth that is causing much pain and so I went to the dentist on Monday to find out what was wrong. The dentist was very quiet after my films and then told me that I have a sinus infection, but there is a tumor like thing on my root and he has not seen anything like this before. I am a bit emotional as of late with the word TUMOR--ugh!!!! He sent my records to a specialist and then I got a call that I had to actually go and see him today. He told me my tooth pain is from a lovely tooth needing a root canal ( I could only hear dollar "chu-ching" sounds as we have no dental insurance). I wish this was all, but he said it was actually a tumor or polyp in my sinus cavity. I will now move on and see an ENT next week. I will be so happy to know what I am dealing with and am trying to stay away from google searches.. those can make you crazy.

So tomorrow I will have more lovely dental pictures to post from a dental chair, but no worries you will not be able to hear the drill!!!

I hope to see more rainbows in coming days--

The coffee beans are from a year ago actually. I brought them home with me from Ethiopia. I know that sounds so old, but I have savored the distinct smell and taste of this coffee this week as we are walking down memory lane from one year ago meeting our precious Malachi.


Anonymous said...

ugh - Kimberley! I can't believe this dental thing... kind of scary. Please do keep us posted, OK?

Glad to hear Aser is coming home. And I know that will work out.

You are in my thoughts and prayers, my friend.

Carrie said...


We'll be praying - for your tooth, sinus issues (whatever they turn out to be), and Aser coming home. We'll pray for a job!

I'm sorry about your terrible day. It must have been really scary. But I'm so glad to hear that Aser is coming home, that must be such a huge relief! Let's talk soon...


Shelley said...

I miss you!! Let's talk tonight about tomorrow! So glad that God sent you a rainbow. He is so good. The God of the rainbow will not leave you in want. He will not leave you.


Cheryl said...

Oh my dear friend! I just can't fathom all of this...but am so thankful the Lord knows and understands. I'm thankful that he is speaking your language through a rainbow and reminding you of his promises and his near-ness. He loves you and your family dearly, Kimberly, and so do I! I'll be praying. Please keep us posted on what is happening..if you don't mind! :)

paige said...

I'm so glad to know that Aser will be home with you. Albert's been gone for the last 14 months with no end in sight. In our case, we'll move to be with him--I hate being apart.

Please keep us posted about your health--you must be well!!!

The Zimmers said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you! It sounds like Aser is coming home just in time! God has a way of knowing JUST what we need and His timing is always perfect!