Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Will we make the plane?

We could sure use your prayers right now. We need to be on a plane in about 72 hours and Aser and Nehemiah are VERY sick. We took Aser to urgent care today and they started strong meds and I am hoping they will kick in tomorrow. Nehemiah will be on this way to see his ped. too now that his fever is over 102 and we have an impending trip. My poor guys!!!

I need to get packing though-- so much to do! I keep getting this feeling of disbelief that I will actually be holding our Malachi so soon. I have never felt such connection to someone so far away. My heart can almost feel him next to me. I know he will have so much to adjust to and I ache for that for him. I hope we can help him feel at rest and peace very quickly. It will be so fun to see how many teeth he has now and if he is almost walking? I wonder what his little toes do when they are tickled? Does he like the sun on his face? What does he like to hold? Balls? Cars?? Will he let me cuddle him? I hope he does not mind my singing voice and can pretend that it is like the angels:) ( that may be too much to expect:) ) Does he sleep quietly or make squeaks and grunts? I will find out soon and be one happy momma. However, everytime I think of his mother and the pain she must have been in I am humbled and torn apart. I only hope I can be the mother he deserves. I hope I can do his mother from Ethiopia honor enough. We don't believe she is still living, but her memory will not be forgotten with this gift of her son.


Anonymous said...

praying like crazy for you.


graceling said...

Hope everyone is feeling better! Such nasty stuff going around lately- but God is bigger than a virus!