Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Ruby Suitcase

The picture on my cell phone was of two suitcases and followed by a call from my guy stating he had found some suitcases that would work. We have to take 12 suitcases for our family alone and we don't have that many sitting around here so we have been looking for cheap large cases. I love the big ruby -colored one and actually began to fill it tonight. I don't know why this was so hard for me. I am so scared that something is not going to work or that this is not real. However, I have it 3/4 filled now! The kids and I went to the Dollar Tree today to find school items for my mother in-law's school. We picked up scissors, tape, markers, and some teaching items so those were the first things that I packed. We also found some fun items to take for the workers and nannies at the orphanage. My kids were so cute and would have purchased the whole store if we could to take to Addis.

I have four more days to pack us all up and get my work all shored-up. Thankfully another agent in our brokerage is taking over my clients and my mom's so that will make us rest easy. There is never a good time to take two weeks off of work.

YEAH-- At this time in one week I may be gazing at Malachi.

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Anonymous said...

wow - ONE WEEK to Malachi!! that is just amazing and thrilling.

Packing *is* a little scary - kind of makes the whole thing feel suddenly more real.

You are going to have a great great time and I can't wait to hear all about it!!!