Friday, February 22, 2008

Had no Idea

Just found out that we have more paperwork to do! I am trying to keep calm, but this is major since they want updates on our jobs with pay stubs and my guy has been self-employed since December when his company laid-off most of the company. He is starting a new job when we return, but now we are trying to show profit and losses. In construction it is hard to keep pristine records and still have time to work in the field. He works about 12-15 hours a day right now and comes home so tired. I am not a natural with this kind of thing so tomorrow we meet with our CPA. Also, the immigration paperwork is daunting. One form we have to print off is 19 pages--wow!

We did get away on Thursday night at the coast( thank you to my mom--she is wonderful) for time to talk, relax and pray before we leave on our new journey. We are so excited, but it was wonderful to have the time together. It is awesome being with the guy you are crazy about for 36 hours straight! We were able to squeeze in 2 1/2 walks--that is one of my most favorite things to do at the beach is walk and walk some more. ( well--then we ate and ate too)

It is so surreal to think we will be on our way in less than a week now! Here we come Malachi--Hold on tight precious one--


Anonymous said...

ugh - i hate the paperwork part. but i'm sure you will find a way to get it done.

so glad you could go to the coast and spend some time together!

how long will you be in Ethiopia? I'm wondering if we will overlap at all... I hope!!!

graceling said...

How exciting that you leave in a week!!!