Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Scared with Excitement1

" We leave in exactly 17 days!" Lydia announced this morning. I felt myself almost choke on my toast. I thought it can't be as I still have so much to do. I have been pretty sick this week and have only been getting through the days and not doing much towards getting ready. It is so wonderful thinking of how soon we will lay eyes on our Malachi. Better yet how soon we can kiss his cheeks and hug that little one.

Nehemiah turns 12 on Tuesday and he is so happy that it always falls around Presidents Day. It extends his celebration. Also , Rebekah will turn 7 while we are gone and she wants to stay one night in the Hilton Hotel in Addis for her day-- we will see??? They have a pool there and it is a pretty fancy hotel.

I have been printing off packing lists and picking up prescriptions for the kids. Our doctor has been wonderful supplying us with meds for the "just in case" scenarios.

In so many ways it is hard to believe we are actually here now:) God is so good!


Anonymous said...

This is so so exciting! You will be there SOON. I hope you will post during your trip so we can follow along. :-)


I didn't know you were a blogger!! May I add you to my list of friendly bloggers?

I'm so excited for you and your journey. Congratulations on your new son! He's so adorable. I will continue to pray for all the details,for safety in travel, and for a safe homecoming!

Love you much my friend! Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Hmm, that is intersting...not sure why I'm listed as friends and family (that's Mom's site)...anyway...sorry for the mystery blog ID!


You must be over the moon!

I have been following your blog for sometime now. I pray that you will have a safe flight to and from Ethiopia.