Monday, February 18, 2008

My Birthday Boy

This was several years ago at the beach. I thought he was SO big then and he has just kept right on growing. It is hard for me to accept he is turning 12 tomorrow. The stages of his life often flood me and I can almost kiss those little hands carrying Little People with him EVERYWHERE he went. The love from this precious son I don't deserve. He is tender and caring in ways that continue to amaze me. Those sisters of his really have him wrapped around their fingers. Far above all he lives up to his name--NEHEMIAH! He is of strong character and truly loves God. His faith and courage to take a stand even when he is alone are a witness to me. We can't take credit for what a special boy he is, but know God is working in him and has such great plans for him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BABY!!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your big little boy :-)