Thursday, February 28, 2008

I think we will actually be ON that plane in the Morning--WOW

I can't thank you enough for all of your prayers and thoughts for the quick recovery of our family. We were hit hard, but have recovered quickly too. Anna is coming down with it a bit, but I am optimistic that she will pull through as well.

Tonight it started to feel a bit more real as a friend came and dropped off a necklace with Malachi's picture and said I am to wear it until I am with him--I was in tears and very moved by her kindness, but also of the reality that there is a baby boy waiting for us ( he doesn't know that yet though:) ) This has been a long road and one I am so ready to see the end of and be a family together.

Our plane arrives back into Portland on 3/14 at 9:22 on flight 251... we will be a bit raggedy, but happy I am sure:)

I wish I could hug and thank each of the people who have been there, cared, prayed for and loved on us through all of these months. HUGS TO YOU!
I am going to attempt to update as I can from Ethiopia...this is tbe best place to see if we made it:)


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Heye Family! This is Lydia's class! We are praying for you all! We can't wait to meet Malachi! Say hi to Lydia and ask her to bring back postcards of Wahington DC, Rome, and Ethiopia! Love to you all!
Fourth Grade Rocks!

Anonymous said...

We are sooooooo excited for you guys! I don't even have words but I will pray your flight is safe and goes quickly. With so much to anticipate, it could be the LONGEST fligth of your life. I am so glad for you and I cannot wait to meet your new little man. He is so beautiful! Yeah for the Heyes!

anita, matt and katie

Jesi and Joe said...

Yeah! Sorry I haven't posted lately, what a lot to be dealing with so close to departure! I hope you're all feeling well and ready to get on that plane! I can't wait to hear updates if you're able to post! And maybe a hint as to whether you've seen and gotten some pictures of our little angels at Toukoul II!

Big hugs... have a safe and incredible trip!

Anonymous said...

oh, I'm so happy to hear it!

Wishing you Godspeed and a relaxing journey.

I can't wait to see photos of you holding Malachi, and can't wait to meet up with you in Addis!!!

You know blogger is blocked in Ethiopia, right? Just wanted to make sure, because it sounds like you are planning to post from ther. But you can still post by email if you know how to do that....

graceling said...

I'll be praying for you during your travels! God bless and give all your babies a hug from Abigail and I!

Anonymous said...

We continue to lift you all up in prayer and cannot wait to hold that little boy in our arms. Love, peace, and strength to you all. What an amazing time to see God's power in action and all around you!! Love to you all.

McCabe Family said...

We can hardly wait to get an update from you all!

Nemo: All of your 6th grade friends are praying for you!!! We are praying that Malachi has your loyalty and courage.

Lydia: You are so missed by all! We pray that Malachi has your creativity and confidence.

Anna: We know that it just isn't the same for your class without you there! We pray that Malachi has your enthusiam and insightfulness.

Rebecca: We can almost hear your giggle now...! We pray that Malachi has your determination and your joy.

Malachi: We can't wait to finally meet you! You don't know it yet, but you are about to be blessed with the best brother and sisters a boy could ask for!

Aser, Kimberly and Phyllis: We pray that you are able to relish every moment and look forward to hearing about the many blessings and miracles that God has provided along the way.

We love and miss you all!

The McCabe Family

Anonymous said...

Your off! What an incredible time for your family! The anticipation is awsome. We have loved being updated, hope to hear something from you while in Ethiopia to make sure everything is going. Our prayers are for your family's safety, unity and the Lords ministry at work in your lives! Love you very much Heye Family.We'll keep on praying. I have goose bumps,so emotional and exciting. Couldn't dream up a better fit for Malichi than with your family where there is so much love. Can't wait to meet him!
Rhett,Vanessa&Cheyenne Green