Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wishing I could Bleach all of this away--

Sickness has continued to be a struggle for our family. I would buy gallons of bleach if it could take away whatever it is that seems to have taken hold of us. I know God is giving us the strength to maintain, but there are moments where I lift my hands asking, " How much more? " Today Nehemiah woke up with a headache and then by 1:00 school had called saying he had a temp of 102f --poor guy has really been hit hard! By tonight we were in emergency because of severe headaches. Our ped. thought we should be closer to more tests so off we went... Thankfully Aser met me there and took the other four kids home for dinner and baths. We are waiting for MALARIA testing---however, I am 99.9% sure this is not what he has. They were only entertaining this because of where we have been and because his fever was not responding to normal meds. Meanwhile Mr. Malachi had his first dr. appt this morning--this entailed him receiving his first shot on American soil. He has been throwing up since that and it seems to have a direct correlation to this??? It is so sad because it is hard to know how to make him feel better and he has no idea what has hit his little body. He is almost 20lbs though:) He is in the 15th percentile and overall is very healthly!

Thank you for your prayers-- I will continue to need them:) It is hard because we do eat healthy, sleep regularly and overall take good care of our bodies so it is hard to see my family so sick lately. After our visit to the emergency room in Ethiopia I realize how blessed we are here in the states. It is quite striking the difference-- for one quick difference they still use mercury thermometers under the arm. I believe those are no longer available here in the states. However, for our visit to the emergency in Africa we only had to pay $10.00--talk about a difference!

It was so so special to share Malachi with the classes at the school today. Thank you for your love and sweetness to our family. The 1st grade teavher said how precious the prayers of her students have been while we were gone. It was special to let a couple of the kids in that class know that Malachi sleeps on their bed and rides in their carseat:) I have so cherished the prayers from our family at school.



Anonymous said...

So sorry you're still struggling with sickness. Poor Nehemiah. Better to be sick in your own house than on an airplane, though! We're praying for patience, rest, and speedy recoveries for all. Thanks for sharing Malachi yesterday. He is SO SNUGGLY! I knew he would be lovable, but he is REALLY LOVABLE. What a blessing!
Great to have Lydia back! We missed her!

Jesi and Joe said...

Geesh Kimberly, what a rough go! I hope all your beautiful kiddos are feeling much better soon! Everyone's got their limits, and I admire the strength you've shown through all of this. I look forward to hearing you're all feeling better, and seeing pictures from your trip once you are all doing better!