Friday, March 7, 2008

Loving Ethiopia

We have been able to meet with our lawyer now and after some scary
paperwork issues I think we are on track. He even has his own
passport--so precious! Malachi is doing much better now with his
breathing. We are so thankful! He is so so happy and a joy to be with.
He laughs and laughs as the kids and has even fallen asleep in my arms.
I can hardly wait until we can have him all of the time. I think
overall he is doing very well and the staff at the orphanage are
amazing. There are over 240 kids at the care center--amazing! Anna
loves playing with the kids and taking suckers and balloons for them.
Rebekah follows her and is very involved with the kids. Lydia is busy
learning Amharic and doing well:) Nehemiah is our paparazzi--Actually
they all are:)

I will miss the smells, sounds,and colors of Ethiopia I know. It is so
rich here. I am having a hard time with the poverty, yet the pride is
evident still. The love for children is clear everywhere we go.... they
are very tender to the young and to the elderly. We are growing
attached to our drivers as well-- they are even playing with the kids
at the care center now. We have been so blessed with our safety and
health. My mom was very sick one day ago, but doing much better now.
She is amazing us all and loves it here as well.

We are thankful for your prayers and comments. We will be home in one
more week. Rebekah turns 7 this Sunday--our first big birthday here. We
are planning to swim at the HIlton that day-- It is very nice there!

We miss you and can hardly wait for you to meet Mr. Malachi:) We are so
in love! I tear up whenever I think of God's blessings to us.

Love, The Heye Family

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