Friday, March 14, 2008

Travel Travails

Well, I'm not Kimberly -- I'm her brother-in-law -- but I'm posting this brief update on her behalf.  As I type, she and her family are at the Dulles airport trying to rearrange their travel plans back to Portland this evening.  Unfortunately Aser wasn't feeling too well and as a result they ended up missing their scheduled flight into Portland this evening.  I just got the phone call from Kimberly saying that they are still at the airport and working feverishly to get another flight.  Of course, this being Friday evening, that can be a little tough.  There are no more direct flights on United so it'll be a matter of trying to patch together another route that will hopefully get them into Portland either very late tonight or (more likely in my opinion) tomorrow morning.  Of course we would be happy to have them stay with us for the night, but I know they're eager to get home tonight.  Please keep them in your prayers.


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Jesi and Joe said...

Oh no! Poor Aser! What a rough trip it's been in regard to sickness! Hope it's out of everyone's systems now!

I'm hoping, hoping, hoping you get a great flight worked out and are home soon! Joe and I have been wondering about you and so excited for your return home! Hang in there... you're ALMOST home!!