Sunday, March 9, 2008

Roasted Coffee

The smell of coffee roasting is everywhere! We are amazed at the love
and "specialness" of each coffee ceremony. They roast the coffee in
front of you and then the lady doing the work is sitting on a small
stool working. After all of the work they "present" you with a small
shot -sized drink. It is rich and savory-- They can't believe I take no
sugar. :) I love the coffee. It is cheap as well! Sorry Starbucks--

We have our embassy date tomorrow and get to bring Malachi with us:)
There are no carseats or seatbelts here so off we go! We have two appts
tomorrow there. This is our last hurdle and then on Tuesday we get him
forever! I can hardly wait... He is doing well and we are smitten with

Today we went shopping some. It is so nice to have Aser and our drivers
getting us local prices most of the time:) Big difference! Today we
went to the lions-- that was a bit scary and they are not all too
secure! They are amazing and make me long for Heaven to see them next
to the lambs...

We are loving each moment here and so feel your prayers.

Thank you--Love, Heyes


Jesi and Joe said...

Yeah! I'm so happy to hear things are going so well! Here's to a quick & smooth visit to the embassy and having Malachi in your arms forever! Keep having a wonderful time... it's been wonderful staying updated on the situation there. I hope Malachi is feeling better and starting to kick the congestion/cold nastiness!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rebecca! What a birthday she'll have and what an amazing trip for your family!!! We are thinking of you constantly and pray for everything to continue to go smoothly these last few days.

Lots of Love,

Anonymous said...

We are so exciteed for all of you and are glad things are going well. We of course miss all the Hayes' but it will be wonderful to meet the newest Heye. Take care and see you soon.
Amy Thompson