Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Appreciation for the Gabi

Gabi Blankets are something I have come to love and find comfort on cold days from. My mother in-law has always kept me well-supplied. When we were in Ethiopia the cotton used on these blankets and clothing is everywhere. We were able to go to a factory where they make these creations and it was amazing. It was all men who worked in this big warehouse with poor lighting and hard working conditions. They do not have modern machines to make this process quick, but take great pride in what they do. They make intricate patterns and it is all done by their hands. The hours it must take for one blanket are hard to guess, yet they cost about $10.00 in US dollars. I would not think this could pay for their efforts and skill.
This man is spooling the thread or cotton. They were so kind to let us in and you could tell it was unusual to have visitors.

I don't think I have any idea how hard and tedious this work must be-- This was an experience.

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