Thursday, January 8, 2009

Loving Life with Five

Our dear friend Andrea had been telling us she would take our family picture now that Malachi is home. So we set a date thinking we would just smile, click and be done. It turned out that we got over 100 photos and she took a walk with us for almost two hours down the Portland eastside esplanade. We had no idea what we were in for or how much fun we would have. She captured our kids in ways that pictures have not done before. Thank you dear friend Andrea!!!! and to Rich for watching the kids so you could get away for a bit.


Tania said...

Fantastic Fantastic Fantastic pictures. I LOVE them. Especially the one of your husband holding your daughter's hand while she jumps in the air!!!!

How did you get two hours on the esplanade with NO RAIN! :)

habeshachild said...

Oh my goodness - these are WONDERFUL!! If I didn't know you I wouldn't believe these were real people and not models. So sad your family is uniformly unattractive. Really! :-)

Carrie said...

So beautiful!!

Does she have a business, because if she doesn't, she should - huge talent!!

Happy blog anniversary!! If my memory is right today is the day you started yours (and I started mine) exactly a year ago.

So many changes, eh?


Anonymous said...

These photos are AWESOME. I miss you! I hope I make it to Portland, soon.


julie said...

Beautiful pictures!