Monday, January 12, 2009

"Kickin' the Monster!!!"

Great news today on my brother! He left on Sunday to Tulsa once again for more chemo. This was the big trip when they would be looking at his tumor. They have been checking his blood for tumor markers, which have come down each time. But today the results from his CT scan showed some amazing miracles. With this cancer I do think it is miracles that cure it. It is the WORST cancer to get,if that is possible. However, they could actually see his stomach apart from his pancreas. Before the tumor was blocking the stomach and I guess it was like one big blob. They said his pancreas is looking like a pancreas again. I bet he never dreamed he would be so happy to hear that about an organ. They can see where the radiation is working. He has 5 more trips of chemo. He is on the same type as Patrick Swayze. They wanted him to continue "forever" having treatments every three months, but he feels like it is poison in so many ways ( good at times) but wants to continue to work on gaining weight and muscle mass. The doctors can't believe how much muscle has returned. We really do believe he is saying, "SEE YA!" to the beast... HAPPY IN OREGON!


Angela Houguet said...

We are SO exited to see Uncle Kary doing so great!!! I believe that this has been a complete miracle... our family has been through some really hard times, but I know he has a strong presence in our hearts and lives.

I forgot you have this wondreful website, it's such a great tool to see how you guys are doing, I really enjoyed seeing the picturs and reading your blogs.

I miss you Aunt Kimberley and send you and the family hugs and kisses from way over here :) Sorry I didn't get to see you when I was in town, I planned on making it to Portland but next time I'm home Flo will be with me and we both plan on seeing you and the family and doing a nice dinner all of us together or something!!


habeshachild said...

AMEN! What an amazing and wonderful turn of events. I'm so happy for your brother and your whole family.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I am sooooooooo happy to see/read this. Hooray!


Jen Mason said...

Kim--I received you blog address from another friend from high school. I am Jen Hobbs Mason and was a friend of Kary's from high school. We had heard about his battle at the reunion and I am so excited to hear that he is regaining ground from the enemy. please pass my prayers and hello's on to your brother for me.thanks so much, Jen