Thursday, January 31, 2008

8 More Days Until Court --

It is hard to believe we will know in one more week if M. is ours. We are trying to stay busy so the days do not tick on by. We did find out that we will all be traveling to Ethiopia. My mom included! This is going to be one exciting journey. Now I just need help with packing. That will be over 14 suitcases, not counting carry-0ns. We are planning to fill many of the suitcases with donations and my mother in-law has requested that we bring books in English for the students to read at her school. I will be paying Powell's a visit soon.
Last Thursday we had the biggest blessing at our baby shower. We were overwhelmed by the kindness and love of so many people. M. is going to be well-set for his life in Oregon. I hope that he does not mind changing clothes as we received so many cute things I will be wanting to change him all of the time. Three moms at the school where our kids attend put this together and invited the school. It is amazing how many people have wanted to help this precious boy.
I have started making doctor appointments and trying to figure out the shots we will need.

This is so exciting that we are actually at count down.

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Lisa J. said...

I think we've been in touch before regarding our agency. Anyway, I love your blog and will be praying for your court date on 2/8. Our baby boy, Ezra, is still in Ethiopia because we are having him escorted. We are waiting for USCIS to issue a visa for him to be brought home.
It sounds like you have a great family and Malachi will be blessed. (we are going through the book of Malachi on Wed. nights at our church!)