Thursday, January 10, 2008

Some News To Get Excited About

It is so much fun to get new news! Today our director called to say that the lawyers were turning in the paperwork to the courts so we should have a court date by next Tuesday or Wednesday. WOW! This is starting to seem a bit more real again. He said we should plan to be in Ethiopia in about 4 weeks. That is only 30 more nights of sleep:) Just about 20 minutes before he called I had received an email from a travel agency about a special from Portland to Addis that is running through March.

Now I will have to get in for my shots. UGH! Anna would love to go in my place. She is very taken by shots and anything that makes others feel faint just energizes her. We wonder what career she will be in when she grows up. Aser has had his shots as he was in Ethiopia about nine months ago. Lucky Guy!

We have been so blessed by many different people in our lives. I hope each family and person is blessed with the gifts and help they have given us to make this happen. It has been touching to see how much people care. It is a bit overwhelming when I think about each person and detail.

These are some pictures of when we went to play in the snow. Here are pictures of our two oldest children. Nehemiah is 11 and Lydia is 10. They bring such joy to our family. I will post our younger two tomorrow night. We had such a fun time!

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chou-chou said...

Oh, that is exciting news!! Hope your court date is soon.

And great snow pictures. :-)