Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday Happenings

Today we had the wonderful opportunity to wish our friends off to Ethiopia to pick up their two children. What a special time to see them so excited and full of wonderment about their new children. I so appreciate the way this couple respects their new children already. They were talking about what it will be like for their four year old son as he is taken away from everything he knows. It is huge for him and they want to be so careful to enter his world in his time. It was very emotional thinking about the changes ahead, even though it is exciting it is very sad when you think about the emotions the kids may be having. They are going to see if they can take pictures of our son when they are at the orphanage. It will be so special even if they get to just see him. Just to be able to talk to someone who has seen him would be amazing. They will get to meet Aser's mom on Monday morning. How cool is that!?

Today a friend gave me a car seat for Malachi and a huge bag of clothes too. This friend has already given us so much and she has made all of this so special. She had scrubbed and sanitized the whole seat for him. What a loving thing to do! I am still so overwhelmed by her caring for us in this special way. Her mom has helped make it possible to get Malachi a new crib. It will be fun to go shopping this weekend and get it all set-up.

I have been amazed how many people have wanted to help us get ready to bring him home. There have been so many people who have offered things for Malachi. THANK YOU!

My pictures would not work to download a picture of Anna so I will work on that for tomorrow. Here is Rebekah in the snow and she is in the 1st grade and loving life. Her laugh and joy are contagious.


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