Monday, March 9, 2009

My Rebekah Joy

She turned 8 today. I am really having a hard time with her growing so quickly.

Last year we celebrated her birthday in Ethiopia at the Hilton and the kids were able to go swimming. Then at dinner they did not have cake but brought out an entire pineapple with a candle for her. Hard to believe that was a year already.

Rebekah is now out of her carseat. Four down one to go! We also started out our morning with our traditional Krispy Kreme. Then Aser and I stole her away from school for lunch. Such special times one on one! She made her own ice cream cake with grandma this year. The pushed all of the dogs inside of the cake--- it was a hit:)

I have said this before and wish I had added Joy onto her name. She is such a smile in my day and she gives me constant hugs and laughs. She is growing up and I hope to celebrate many many more birthdays with her.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

ps-- I went to the ENT today and will have a CT scan on Friday morning. So there really is no news, but did have a stern warning against chewing any gum as it is having wide spread damage. I had no idea! I will be so happy when this is over.

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Jo B. said...

Dear Rebekah,
Happy Birthday! I loved your dog cake, and I can't believe you are eight!
Dear Kimberely,
I'm praying for you. Thank you for the testimony of your life! I miss you.
J. Bunch