Saturday, November 8, 2008

I spell MIRACLE in caps today!!!!

My younger brother Kary found out he had pancreatic cancer just two weeks after I got out of the hospital in early June. His tumor was TWICE the size of normal tumors and when they found it he weighed as much as me. He is 6'3 and was VERY skinny and weak. ( I am not 6'3 so am not saying I am skinny:) ) When he went to the doctors here in Oregon/ Washington they wanted to open him up and take some pictures and observe his tumor that had wrapped itself around his main artery and was basically not operable. They pretty much told him to get his affairs in order. He would not let anyone who did not believe in hope and wanting to try anything and everything work on him so he took off for Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa, OK. They have been amazing and he has been on three chemos that are all different, radiation, accupuncture, and Vitamin C Therapy and many other things and TONS OF PRAYER! He flew back two days ago for another round of treatments ( which are paid for by CTCA... they fly him there every two weeks) and when his tumor markers came back today there were so low and he has gained 30 pounds they basically said he is almost cancer free... CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE OUR JOY???? They feel the tumor has probably already died and will be absorbed into the body in a few years. If this was another kind of cancer they would stop treatmens right now, but since pancreatic cancers are SO AGGRESSIVE ( it is called the demon of cancers) they will do 12 more rounds of chemo. So now you know why I am spelling MIRACLE in caps today. Yesterday he had to go to a funeral for a man about 10 years older than him that did not make it with the same cancer. They became friends while having treatments. The family had him sit with them and then the pastor of this church had Kary come up and they all prayed for him. It was hard on my brother losing this friend though and seeing his family so so sad. We are so grateful for the news today and pray that it will never come back again. THANK YOU for all of your prayers and questions about my brother. It means so much to me. Happy Day--


WMW said...

WOW! Awesome! Sharing your joy and praying again for Kary.


Anonymous said...

Kimberly and Family

We have such a MIGHTY GOD!! We love you all and will continue still pray for his family and yours!

We love all of you!
The Hagner Family

Anonymous said...

Kimberly this is is so amazing!! I am so thrilled for you and your family.


MP said...

It is so wonderful to hear good of a miracle. They seem so few these days. So thankyou for sharing that! I am happy for him, you, and your entire family!
Praise God!!!

Jovial J said...

God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good. I was just thinking about you and your brother. Praying for his comfort during this time of treatment and WHAM, I read about this MIRACLE. Thank you for sharing such joyous news!! Prayer WORKS!


paige said...


I've been so eager to know how your brother was doing, but was afraid to ask. Good gravy, the man is healthy!!!!!! I am so happy for you all--what a miraculous year this has been.

Dionna said...

Kim -
You have been through so much. I do hope that Kary beats this thing.

I'm sorry to hear that your dad passed away as well. What an amazing testimony you have and such a gift to others who are hurting.