Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Can you Say Barney and Smile???

I don't think my older kids really think they every liked Barney and believe I am just making it up. They do not smile when we say, "Barney!" They did smile when they saw Malachi dressed up though.

Here is Malachi getting ready for our harvest party at church. Nehemiah wore this outit almost 11 years ago and I think each one has been Barney at some point. Malachi loves Barney almost as much as he does Grandma! I wish I had the video camera rolling when he saw himself in the mirror... lets just say it was a happy day:) He was thrilled! Then Lydia dressed up like her American Girl doll Kaya, who is Native American, but she wore Ethiopian clothes (I think it worked??), Rebekah was a giraffe ( with cat whiskers-- hey now!), Nehemiah was living his dream as an NBA player, and Anna was a doctor (her dream too). Love the holidays I do!!!!:) I am such a sucker for tradition and LOVE this time of the year.

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Shelley said...

Kimberly! I am falling in love with your beautiful family by reading your blog. The marathon sign caused my curiosity to get the best of me, and I've been digging around your family's life for the last hour -- AMAZING GOD is absolutely the best song to greet me on each page of your family's (ongoing) incredible journey!

Thanks for sharing. I'm 'subscribing' to you so I don't miss too much between our visits!

Blessings to you ~ looking forward to the 21st.