Monday, November 10, 2008

Eleven Green Things

I just have to tell about my coupon deal this weekend. One of my children REALLY needed a new jacket. I had priced them out and found one she loved, but it was $79.00 and there just was no way I could swing that right now, especially with how fast she is growing. This weekend at Fred Meyer their coats were 50% off and then there was a coupon for another 15% off and then I received my bonus coupons( because I shop there way too much) and had another 40% off and almost $30.00 in bonus money in checks they sent me. Not only did I buy her a jacket, I was able to get a Christmas present for another child ( it is great they love getting clothes once they are older as presents:) ) for only $11.00!!! I skipped all the way to the car with a happy child beside me who LOVES her new coat. Funny how something small can bring such smiles!


Carrie said...

Soooo cute!
(And what a smart & savvy mom she has! :)


ddr in Beaverton said...

Now that's a bargain I could go for. Thanks for sharing how well you did!

Anonymous said...

Hooray! I LOVE the rewards at FM. (I'd love it more if I scored as much as you...) I LOVE a great deal!