Sunday, November 30, 2008

Root Canal or Trip to Build A Bear?? Decisions...Decisions...

No, I am not doing anything fun like Zoom Whitening or Plastic Surgery... just a root canal and the dental assistant thought it was funny that I was taking pictures and sending them to Aser to update him on my lovely progress. Hey, if I am paying $2500 for this thing I ought to enjoy it right:) ? I must say that really there was no pain before, during or after ( well, there was after and it is called "Payment Plan").

Then on a much happier note Lydia surprised us at the mall yesterday. She was asking us over and over to go to the Build A Bear store and once we were inside (The Big Boys were at the Blazers Game-- free tickets!!!!) she said she wanted her sisters to choose bears of their choice. I don't think I knew what to say and I did not realize she had been carrying around this wad of moolah at the mall either, but then when I saw how intent and eager she was to do this for them my heart was warmed in a very big way. Lydia works hard to save her money and I think that is why I was so surprised at her loving gesture. It truly is better to give than to receive and her face glowed that ALL night and even today. So we have added Carmel, Butterscotch and Kendra to our home. This was such a tender moment for me as a momma watching my girls bond with each other and seeing that they love each other. My heart's desire has always been for my children to grow-up and be close and good friends. Last night I think I saw a glimpse of Lydia's love towards her little sisters. Just look at her beaming!


Cheryl said...

LOVE the picture of you at the dentist! (Just had another crown put on a tooth this week myself!) and what a beautiful picture of your girls! I know as a mom your heart must be full! You have been a great example to your kids of compassion and generosity!

paige said...

What a loving big girl you have!

Glad your root canal was pain-free. I needed one after I damaged a back tooth a few years ago and I was never so happy to sit in the dentist's chair. Three weeks of pain gone in an instant!

Laurel said...

I just found your blog tonight, and think I have been on it for an hour already. What a beautiful family you have!

I really enjoyed your post about the kids filling in the "bubble" on the test at school. "Are they African or American?" We just adopted 3 children from Ghana, so we have been having the same type of discussions. I would love your thoughts on a post I wrote last Thursday (about The Challenges of Transracial Adoption). While your oldest children are your bio. kids, they are a different color than you are, so you will face some of the same issues that we will face with our adopted children. (My post talks about the dating issue.)

This story about your girls was precious. Reminds me of my "big girls" when they were little. My 3 oldest girls are now 19, 19, and 23 and they are the BEST of friends! (as are my "big boys", also) My "biggest girl" lives in Oregon, so we drive through Portland quite often. :)

Many blessings,

mama of 13