Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School

How can this be that summer is over already? I truly miss my kids when school starts and it is always difficult to accept that they are getting so big. I have my baby starting Junior High this year. I can remember that day in my own life like yesterday. Then Lydia is starting 5th grade. I started teaching 5th grade when I was 23 and it is crazy that my second child is now that old. I remember thinking how old the parents were when I was teaching, yet NOW I do not feel that old at all:) Then Anna is in 4th grade and Rebekah is in 2nd. When I was having Nehemiah a cousin of mine told me that, " The days are long, but the seasons are short. " I grasp that more than ever now.


Anonymous said...

What a great first day of school picture! Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you soon. Kim P.

paige said...

Wow, look at Anna's spiffy short haircut--so chic and pretty!
I was just thinking the same thing. Some days (today among them) seem endless but the year is flying by.

Happy 1st week back--to all of you!

Anonymous said...

I am so privileged to have another Heye child this year! Thank you for entrusting your precious Anna to me for several hours each day. Blessings on your family!
Mrs. Johnson :)

Anonymous said...

Your Children are sooo sooo BEAUTIFUL! Hope your having a great day! Hope to see you soon!


The Hagner Family

Anonymous said...

Look at your babies!!! Can't believe how quickly this time passes. Weren't we just pushing them through the zoo in strollers last week??

We miss you all much and pray for a great year for each one.

Lots of love,