Friday, August 29, 2008

A Girl and Her Horse

This is Smore and Lydia. Lydia's heart is fed by being with horses. When she was little she always dreamed of horses, not about being a princess, but about being on a horse and riding into the sunset. A family at the school our kids go to have an amazing horse farm appropriately names, "Heavenly Ranch" and they were kind enough to let her start riding before the age they usually accept riders. While we were in Ethiopia the first love of her life, Razen, died suddenly. The owner of the farm knew Lydia needed to get on a horse soon and fall in love again. We are not able to afford lessons right now, but she was able to go to two lessons before school. All I can say is that Lydia is smitten again. My girl is so content when it comes to being with horses-- she is in her element and her soul is being fed. I am thankful that she has found a passion in her life already and knows she needs to do something with horses when she grows up. She is even talking about helping orphans and foster children this way. It will be so fun to see how God uses this in her. Today her trainer said she really does have a natural ability. The horse almost threw her off today as he was spooked pretty seriously. She held on and directed the horse back around. The momma in me wanted to take her off the horse and never put her back on:) But she did GREAT and even the other riders around were amazed that such a young girl could handle such a situation. I guess it is called, " She has a good seat" when something like that happens. I admired her courage and desire to continue on with her lesson. I am so thankful for this family and the way the trainer has helped me understand this is a love in Lydia that will not go away and we need to continue to feed her:) It is so strange to see your child growing into this person with her own character that you know is from God. I sit in amazement as I am such a broken mom and yet God is still pouring out His love on my children despite my shortcomings. GO LYDIA!!!

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