Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bring It On! Mom's Brag Book-- More to come on my other athletes too

I have to admit we are a bit over-scheduled right now, but it is fun! Malachi is learning many new things about being in a carseat as we drive from one practice to another... He is being so good about it all. Nehemiah, Anna and Rebekah are in soccer. Nehemiah is running some with the cross -country team and Lydia is in volleyball. There is band for my older two and they have to be to school 45 minutes early twice a week ( yes, I am their bus driver to and from school) and then the girls are all in piano once a week. I did not intend for the calendar to be this filled, but am also not sure how to stop it now. We are 4 weeks into and so it is not much longer and life will be a bit more slow. One things that has happened that has been really fun for Nehemiah is that Rebekah's soccer team has had some coach trouble and he has had to step up and run whole practices by himself and takes half of the team at games. I never knew he would be able to handle all of this, even at my ripe age I would be pretty unsure of what to do...

( these photos were taken by Don Best, a dad on the team with a great skill for photography)

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