Sunday, October 5, 2008

26.2 -- Portland Marathon 2008

I felt so grateful as I crossed the finish line of the marathon today. I was so sick this past spring going into summer that I wondered if I would ever be able to exercise the way I had been able to. My friend,Lori,helped me get back into shape and was patient enough as I gained strength back to be able to make it walking the marathon this year. I have decided that marathons and half- marathons are quite addictive:)

These pictures are from the starting line and then at the end. It rained for over 90% of the walk today and yet I felt great! My time is nothing to speak of, but I finished! Aser and my children have been SO patient as I have trained and then came to cheer me on. Aser is the best cheerleader I could have in my life! Yes, that would be my hubby with the larger than life American flag waiving everywhere ( he is the most patrictic person I know and he did not even grow up here). Aser made this sign for me today. Each of the kids had signs too... they are all asking when they can try their legs out on a marathon. This is about the only time in a year that I can totally enjoy a huge burger with no guilt! Today I added sweet potato fries-- oh yummy!

I walked by a man today and he said this is his 37th marathon-- impressive! I wonder how many I can get under my belt before my joints will not allow this anymore???



Anonymous said...

Kimberly! HUGE congrats to you on the marathon! You have been so amazing with all that has happened to you and your family the past six months. Thank you for being a inspiration to to me!
Kim P.

paige said...

Super duper wooper congratulations, Kimberly!!!!!! I am in awe, total awe, of all that you've accomplished this year.

You are AMAZING!!!

Cheryl said...

WOW! OH WOW!! I had no idea dear friend!! I'm SO proud of you! And yes, what a testament to the Lord and His healing. Thank you for sharing your journey. It gives us hope! Thank you!

We really do need to get away and have a cup of tea or coffee together!

Love you! And again, congratulations on this big accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! You are so amazing. I am totally impressed and in awe of you!

Sunshine Ray said...

Yeh Kimberly! What an amazing thing! You truly are an inspiring person.


KC said...

WOW! Congratulations, Kimberley. That is so impressive.