Monday, August 18, 2008

Uplifting News!

Good news finally! Kary,my baby brother by 13 months, had surgery this morning to let him use his stomach again. His tumor is twice the size of normal pancrease tumors and had closed up his stomach and he has been unable to eat or drink for almost three weeks now. He has had a patch of nutrients being fed to him, but he weighs less than I do now and is 6'3--ouch!!! Today the doctor said he saw no signs of cancer in any other organs and this tumor is shrinking. When he flies back to Tulsa after coming home later this week, they may be able to remove the tumor completely, Of course this is what we want so badly for him because then there is the chance of beating this horrid cancer. My brother is so strong and God is with him in ways that are so clear. Being in the Bible Belt of America right now people will come out of the woodwork and approach him to pray over him. They don't even ask what is wrong, but want to pray. This has been very powerful for my brother and his wife. There have been many answers to prayer along the way, but it is such a hard road with Kary being sick most days. This weekend there was fear that they would have to postpone the surgery as he was fighting infections and low blood counts, but they came back up and so things like this remind us that God is in control.

Can I just say that I HATE cancer?.... After losing my dad cancer became such a reality. Then in the past three weeks I have had two more friend's husbands diagnosed with cancer as well. It seems so much of my prayers are about cancer healing these days.

I have so much to post later about the kids with pictures-- will do it soon I promise!


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear some good news about your brother!!

Cancer is so scary. I lost my father to it, too.

Anonymous said...

That is such wonderful new Kimberly! We have been keeping him in our prayers and your family also. We miss all of you!

God Bless You All
The Hagners

WMW said...

Wonderful news!
Blessings to your whole family and especially your brother and his family...


Jesi and Joe said...

Yeah Kimberly! That's fabulous news! It sounds like Kary is a real fighter - and what a smile! I hope that after his visit home he's able to have the surgery and have the rest removed! That would be incredible and wonderful! Please pass along our well wishes to him!

I HATE cancer too! I lost my grandma to it and am about to lose my aunt. It's a nasty, nasty thing.

Anonymous said...

Such great news! I have been wondering how Kary has been doing. I'll continue praying.

I hate cancer too! It is good to hear encouraging news.

Covering you all in prayer.


Anne said...

YEAH!! We're praying for Kary and all of your family...for peace and continued recovery. You all continue to be an amazing testimony to the strength of your unwavering love and faith in each other and the Lord. Thanks for your example.

paige said...


Such encouraging news--thanks for the update, and lots of good wishes to Kary and his wife.