Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Off He Walked...

Today as my son walked down the path to his cabin at Outdoor School I could not help but to feel so proud of the young man he is becoming. Just a few months ago he did not think he could do this. He has never been gone this long from home or had to be so self-sufficient. However, with a brave face and a smile he walked with his gear in hand. I so much wanted to run and carry his things for him and set up his bed...However, I knew I must let go and that it is a series of these painful and yet wonderful moments that will make him a man. I have had to wipe a few tears this evening, but I am staying busy praying for him to have a great time and to come home safe. I once again realize how much I enjoy his company as I see his things throughout the house.


Anonymous said...

Your are the best Mommy ever!!

Have a great day!


Lisa J. said...

Great post. What is Outdoor School? Just curious.