Friday, May 28, 2010

Little Flying Bugs--

Turning away from thinking about bugs and dirty water in Ethiopia has helped to keep my fears of the unknown at bay. However, yesterday we received a 24 page letter about things we "Need" to know about moving to Addis this summer. One of the larger sections detailed shots we need and the growing problem of malaria. Not just regular malaria, but drug -resistant malaria...It used to be that malaria was not a problem in Addis because the elevation was just too high for mosquitos, but now those buggers are coming higher and higher. Then we also received a special email explaining how malaria is becoming resistant to the regular meds given BUT that the newer ones are causing so many health problems. Recently a family had sold all they owned and went overseas with Wycliffe and within two weeks they had to return to the states since the wife had significant mental health complications due to the malaria meds.

We also have to get yellow fever and RABIES shots very soon. We were told to get these at different times as they will make Aser and I pretty sick and we will need to tag team caring for our family.

After my last bout with getting sick, from not receiving a shot I thought I had, I take this pretty seriously. VERY SERIOUSLY! If I am honest it pretty much scares me at times. I know how fragile our bodies are, but I have also experienced God's amazing healing. So we move on in preparing and I will have my moments of uneasiness with this and thinking of my children's bodies, but hopefully can keep things in focus. I have a prefield coordinator always telling me to count the cost. Today she emailed me to encourage me and reminded me that we can do only so much to prevent things in our lives and then we must leave the rest to the one who is really in control. So I am trying to count the cost, but move on looking forward to our future. We will be on a plane in TWO months exactly from today.

Here is a picture of Kary from this past year during his time of remission from the beast. He is fighting hard and is contagious with his optimism and faith. He is one strong man! I did not realize my brother was made of such steel. If you think of it we appreciate your prayers for him.


Aki said...

kim, i'm so happy to see you posting again. you and your husband are full of such courage. i know you don't mean at all to inspire others, but you inspire me, and i will always be praying for your family's health and happiness.

Dionna said...

I can resonate with your fears. I tend to be a fearful person when it comes to certain things and they can so easily take over the mind. I will try to remember to pray for you & your family.