Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Go Ahead and Make My Day

I don't think our kids have any idea of the impact they can have on our hearts. The other night my 8 year old daughter was gettting in her bed and sat up and said in the sweetest voice, " I can hardly wait for Mother's day... because of you mommy!" This was followed with a big hug!

For some reason this has gotten me through much of this week. Aser is working nights right now and our schedule is off and it makes me a bit off. Whenever there is a change Malachi really struggles. I did not think this would have any impact on him but... it has. I am so anxious for him to be able to talk and share what he is thinking and feeling. He is such a fun toddler, but he LOVES a boring life where it is very predictable. I hope one day he finds the humor that he has a very spontaneous mom:) I have tried and tried to make his life predictable, but it is not my natural style.

Thank you my Rebekah-- You made my day!


Anonymous said...

oh lovely Rebekah - that girl and that comment warm my heart.

I know what you mean about the predictability thing. Elsa is forced to live with a mom who is not so good at the boring monotonous schedule which I think she would embrace. Bummer. But I like to think that some flexibility is a good thing for our kiddos to learn. Right?

Anonymous said...

Rebekah is 8?! Oh my goodness. I cannot believe it! My how time whizzes on by..... Miss you. Wish I was coming to PDX more.


Anonymous said...

I have to tell you that I was introduced to the Mayor of Gondar on Thursday night! He was very nice. We have been invited to stay with him when we return to Ethiopia! I'm so excited. How are you all doing? I hope very well!

Tammi Hagner

Shelley said...

From one unpredictable, schedule-breaker mom to another: cheers! You are one great mama!