Saturday, April 18, 2009

OperationSmile-- Life Changing


On our way back from Ethiopia one year ago we sat next to a man in this video that was escorting a girl to America to have a cleft problem corrected. He was an amazing Ethiopian man who helps these kids receive the life changing surgery they need. The girl he was bringing back had never been to Addis and was about the same age as this girl in the video. He said the parents just wept as they let her go, but they knew needed to get this done for her. WOW-- I don't think I saw her eat on the whole trip. Her surgery was more serious so they were needing to bring her to the USA and I am not sure she could eat in a way that was comfortable with so many new strange things. Tonight I saw a special on TV and each surgery is $240.00 -- cheap for something so life altering!

I was impressed with this organization after talking with this man on the plane and then even more after seeing this special. VERY COOL!!!!

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Anonymous said...

That was a amazing video! The little girl is so beautiful! We were just talking about little one's that have same problem and I said I want to adopt another child and woulden't it be great if we could help change an amazing life like that! My Husband is not yet ready to even talk about another adoption because of the 2year and 3 year stages right now that we are in:) Have a amazing blessed beautiful day!

Tammi Hagner